Bootcamp corporate training | IIHT Nairobi

Not so long ago, the world woke up to the ‘Wannacry’ malware that left a footprint in 150
countries. Public and private sector enterprises as well as government bodies keep an eye on cybercrime, and endeavor to protect themselves by taking various measures. However, too
many enterprises are quiet and sometimes not in the know about their level of vulnerability, until malware strikes, causing lots of data and revenue losses. At this time, more financial resources are spent trying to repair the cybercrime damage. More so than even before, Vulnerability Management of Systems has become the next big security concern.

The red flag is still up. Robust changes in IT architecture, and constant- complex cyber threats, are good enough reasons for organizations to re-evaluate their VM, and data security practices.

This training will address Incident and VM methodologies that are used to protect systems that are exploited by cyber attackers. Participants will learn how to mitigate threats through Vulnerability Management.

What you will learn:

1. Introduction to Vulnerability Management (VM)
2. Techniques to boost your VM skills and knowledge
3. Processes into understanding of Incident and VM
4. Principles of Incident Response as it Pertains to VM
5. Preparing for that Inevitable Event (IE)
6. Incident Detection and Characterization
7. About VM Data collection, Data Analysis & Remediation
8. “The Day-0 Vulnerability” Experience
9. Selecting a Suitable Technology for a VM Program
10. Process, Execution Reporting and Analysis, More modules to be covered.

Programme Information:

Prerequisite: Basic Computer Knowledge
Duration: 40 hours (5 Days)
Delivery: Hand-On in our state of the art labs in Westlands
Resources: Training Materials will be shared
Certificates: An International IIHT Certificate will be awarded to those who complete the course, and attain a 90% class attendance.