Bootcamps Hyper-V Training | Microsoft certification | IIHT Nairobi

About Server Virtualization (Hyper-V)

Enterprise experience consistently reveals that costs applied to securing, storing, maintaining and upgrading servers keep going higher and higher, costing businesses great revenue losses. The trend to virtualize has therefore become the norm, and the way to seal loop holes on data
and revenue losses.

Server virtualization is a technique that involves partitioning a physical server into a number of small, virtual servers with the help of virtualization software. The concept of server virtualization is widely applied in IT infrastructure, as a way of minimizing costs by increasing the utilization of
existing resources. Virtualizing servers is often a good solution for small to medium-scale applications. This technology is widely used for providing cost-effective web hosting services.

Benefits Of Hyper-V:

 As Hyper-V is included in the latest versions of Windows, a lot of money is saved on licensing. Also, users don’t need to learn Linux to use it, as it is Windows-based.
 Hyper-V is very flexible, providing a lot of relief to its users. It is extremely convenient to migrate running VMs from one host to another LIVE using Hyper-V.
 With Hyper-V, it is much easier to manage the load, as new servers can be quickly added in a matter of a few minutes.
 Disaster recovery has become more effective with Hyper-V with robust back-up facilities.
 With Hyper-V, now even small enterprises can afford replication of servers across WAN or a secured VPN.
 Due to increased productivity and efficiency, Hyper-V is widely used among enterprises.
 Better career opportunities and good pay in top MNCs.

Course Outline:

 Planning for Virtualization
 Implementing Server Virtualization with Hyper-V
 Creating and Configuring Virtual Hard Disks and Virtual Machines
 Configure Networking in Hyper-V
 Scale-up Virtual Machines
 Hyper-V Replica and Disaster Recovery & more.

Programme Information:

Prerequisite:  Professionals with minimum of 1 year experience in IT Industry
Duration:  24 hrs
Delivery:  Hand-On in our state of the art labs in Westlands
Resources:  Training Materials will be shared
Certificates:  An International IIHT Certificate will be awarded to those who complete the course, and attain a 90% class attendance.