Bootcamp Desktop Security Course | IIHT Nairobi

Business reviews have continuously demonstrated how well-trained help desk and other end user personnel, add directly to a company's bottom line, by helping employees work more. At this time of heightened, and continuous cyberattacks, adding knowledge and skills on basic security awareness and countermeasures to desktop end users will add even more value. For most companies, it is not a choice, for failure to train will mean more loss of revenue, as attackers continue to use end user’s ignorance as the weakest link for penetration.

The End-User Desktop Security training provides a comprehensive understanding of basic precautions and actions that end users can take to protect the institution from attackers, acting as the first-shield for the organization.

Course Outline:

The course covers 12 Modules including Basic and Higher-level skills:
 Carry out daily services with secure browsing techniques
 Take measures to protect data security & prevent data destruction
 Become aware of email Phishing, & Messaging
 Understand how their Desktop and email activities can promote or prevent hackers from
penetrating the systems.
 How to increase security on Mobile Devices.
 Handle passwords to prevent or reduce attacks
 Using Social Engineering to prevent system penetration/data destruction
 Higher level: Five (5+) more modules on higher end technologies (networks, encryption, etc.)